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No, really, why does everyone hate Price Chopper?

This post started life as a comment on All Over Albany back in 2013. I pasted into a blog post, then abandoned it in my drafts for five years.

The thing is, it’s all still true. Though I don’t go to Price Chopper as much as I used to, I still go there. People still complain about it. Why?

Here’s what I wrote:

I am completely baffled as to why everyone on this site hates Price Chopper so much. Maybe it’s because I’m from Syracuse, where out of multiple options, the Chopper has the best prices. You know, where the regular people who can’t afford to shop at Wegmans every week go.

Maybe it’s because in my Capital Region moves, I keep ending up near the nicer stores: from the Guilderland one near Crossgates, then Westgate, and now I live near Slingerlands, which was pretty terrible during renovations.

I mean, I do a little shopping everywhere. I get my quinoa at Trader Joe’s unless it’s on sale at Honest Weight, where I’m a member. I stock up on sodium-laden frozen dinners at Walmart and buy three pounds of butter at a time at BJ’s. I go to Fresh Market… well, pretty much only for the peanut butter malt balls if I’m already in that area of town, and that’s about it.

And yet I still — STILL! — will turn to the Chopper if I have a pantry to restock. The things that I buy are consistently cheaper there, especially if I play sale schedule games and pack some coupons. Is it because I don’t buy meat? Am I just dazzled by discount games? What am I missing?

I’ll be turning in my AOA bylines, commenter account, and spot at the next birthday party now.

It's…quite a large store, actually, after all

My home Internet connection went out on Wednesday while I was at work, so I’ve been catching up on blogs this afternoon.

All Over Albany paid a visit to my local Price Chopper. I’ve been avoiding that store lately because of the renovations, but have been pleasantly surprised when I’ve visited. What I don’t like, though, is the Epcot theme that the post is about….I find the brightly colored tags a little distracting and agree that the NY deli food under “Israel” is just weird.

Also, I was delighted to see a new entry at York Staters after a very long hiatus. When I drove home for a visit in 2006, I forgot my computer AC adapter and needed a spare anyway, so I made a pit stop at Carousel on the way to my parents’ house. I called them from the parking lot in shock.

Me: They’re actually BUILDING the expansion?

Mom: Well, yeah, it was all over the news.

Me: Not where I live!

I never thought it would ever actually happen…though I’m one of the people who seriously questions whether it should. To me, it falls under the same category as demolishing Mangia and replacing it with a new “green” building–wouldn’t the more environmentally sound thing be to not tear down the original building in the first place?

On to other blogs….there was a food festival in Albany and I missed it.

Not a blog, but in my RSS feeds….BABY DWARFIE HAMSTERS! They get cuter. And cuter.

Whew…only 72 items left on Bloglines to go through. But now I’m bored.