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Story research does weird things to my Amazon suggestions

Man, I do ONE story on Halloween costume trends

Amazon suggestions

Meat Images: Part One

I was looking for a photo to illustrate a Conumerist post when I noticed that by searching for the word “meat,” I could find some seriously weird stuff.

It could just be me, but I think I could market a diet book based on this material. Feeling hungry? Just flip through these pictures and immediately lose your appetite.

Book of meats, for Republican women.

Sure you're right in liking meat


Ribs in a can!

It’s all about me

A lot of my friends and family have asked if there’s a way to get updates on only the posts that only I write, because they’re curious what I’m up to but don’t want to subscribe to all 25+ posts per day that Consumerist publishes. I finally figured out how to do that, because I had misunderestimated Feedburner’s filtering capabilities.

So, if you use some sort of RSS reader, that feed of just my posts can be found here.

If you like to get updates in your e-mail instead, use this thingy:

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Finally, I also have the updates auto-posting to Facebook here.

Visual Week in Review: Sort of New York Edition

My phone battery died before the actual meetup started, partly because of some entertaining all-day e-mail exchanges. So enjoy random things that I thought needed to have pictures taken of them over the course of the day while I was traveling down to New York, and looking for sweaters.

Don’t ask. I need sweaters.