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About me

I wanted to be a writer, but became a librarian instead. I lost my job as a librarian, and somehow found work as a writer. Life is strange.

I am a native of Syracuse, NY, and I attended Hamilton College and SUNY Albany’s library school school of information studies. I’m a librarian by profession. I look like an awful lot like your stereotype of a librarian, even if I’m not always employed as one. I have glasses and sensible shoes and cardigans and stuff.

In my quest for full-time permanent employment, since finishing college I’ve worked in a hotel, a mall management company, a call center, two sprawling government agencies, two colleges, and a newspaper. Currently I am an assistant editor at The Consumerist, an academic library paraprofessional, and a rogue crafter.

I live in Albany, NY, where I live in a neat old house with a roommate and a rescued cocker spaniel mix. I enjoy sewing, knitting, embroidery, reading, stockpiling books, yarn, and fabric, nerdy television, causing trouble on the Internet, and cooking.

Paint Tomorrow Blue started as A Bird’s Life in summer 2005. It started on Blogger 1.0, and now runs on whatever the latest version of WordPress is.

I am gradually moving over some content from other online journals I’ve kept, dating back to 2000. The earliest posts here as of this writing are from February 2003.

What’s “Paint Tomorrow Blue” mean?

It’s not a political statement. It’s a line from the song “In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)” by Elliott Smith. You can hear it here.


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  1. Lloyd Brown / Apr 5 2011

    Hey Laura,

    Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoy your posts on The Consumerist. You have perfected the art of snark, and make me laugh everyday at the absurdity of life. Hopefully you are well paid for your wit, but if not please know you have legions of followers (well at least a couple that I’m aware of) out here in cyber land.

    Best to you,

    Lloyd in Minneapolis

  2. Len / Aug 1 2011

    Nice to see a writer on consumerist is a neighbor 🙂

  3. Wendy / Nov 28 2011

    Hey Laurie! I’m now stalking….errrr…. following your blog!

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