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Dec 6 / Laurie Northrup

The great shop search

As my current job runs out, and my professional job search stretches on, I’ve been trying to find different, but viable, sources of income. I’ve been mystery shopping off and on for almost three years now, since I moved to Albany. I picked up a few new jobs for the coming week. It’s provided me with trips to towns and stores I wouldn’t normally visit, and dinners out when as a grad student I normally can’t afford that kind of thing. I really like the insight it gives me into customer service, and also into what stores I should visit on my own time.

It’s hard to keep track of which mystery shopping providers handle which stores, restaurants, and other places in need of shopping. It seems like the stores I visit regularly look for different mystery shopping solutions every time their contracts expire, and I search around to find out what the new company is. It makes life interesting

The Internet has really revolutionized mystery shopping for shoppers as well as clients. I could never make a full-time living from it, but it’s a fun hobby.

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