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Oct 13 / Laurie Northrup

A trip to the baby store

I went to Buy Buy Baby last week for some reason. I don’t remember exactly what that reason was: maybe I wanted to price out baby socks. Once inside, I found things that intrigued and confused me.

Gotta start the misandry training early. Joking about unrealistically low expectations for dads is a great place to start. Ha ha! Men don’t understand where poop comes out!

I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this product somewhere else, intended for use on a different species.

I would attach one of these holders to my toddler leash.


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  1. AJ / Oct 13 2012

    I feel like I would need the instructions on the onesie. But that’s why no one is handing me a baby.

  2. kris / Oct 18 2012

    baby poop is a smelly smelly endeavor that requires a plastic bag to either 1. put it into the smelly smelly baby diaper disposal that promises to keep the smell out or 2. toss directly into the dumpster outside and far away from any noses.
    the fact that munchkin capatilzes on this knowledge is just good business sense.
    and yes, i have used doggie bags from the buck store for the same purpose.but these are much prettier and brightly colored.

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