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Sep 2 / Laurie Northrup

Nobody cares about your blog

Nobody cares about my blog. That’s okay. I like it that way.

If you want to have a personal blog and have anyone actually read it, it needs to be a food blog. No one gives a flying fennel about your life unless you’re famous, but they care very much about what you’re eating, especially if you’re giving out free recipes. Here in the greater Capital Region, the only local blogs anyone seems to care about (and that get press releases. Press releases!) are the ones about food. Restaurants. Cooking.  I mean, not that I have any shortage of press releases in my life.

Blogs that are successful in traffic and/or cash money really only live in the niches. I could write about dystopian fiction or the Tridentine Mass or quinoa recipes or diabetic hamsters or any of my other interests, but I don’t.

Besides…. this site is pretty much just about dogs anyway.



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  1. Kelly / Sep 2 2012

    Frankly, I think it’s a shame you don’t talk about those other things.

    • Laurie Northrup / Sep 2 2012

      Maybe I will! Just not a whole blog about them.

  2. sammy / Sep 2 2012

    food blogs become popular because everyone likes to think they would just only cook that food themselves. Sometime. You know. Eventually.

    • Laurie Northrup / Sep 2 2012

      I was horrified to read recently that there are food bloggers who make and photograph luscious foods and desserts, then toss them in the trash. Because you don’t keep a 115-pound figure by eating artisanal cheesecakes.

    • B / Sep 11 2012

      There’s a circle-jerk aspect there too.

      Food blogs are by far the most numerous. Bloggers draw attention to themselves by giving attention to other bloggers. Therefore…

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