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My (half) day at Rhinebeck

I really love going to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, but I’m usually done after a few hours. Maybe if I were taking a class or in a competition or exhibiting animals, I’d put more time in, but I after I walk all of the vendor halls and pet a few sheep, I’m done.

I picked up some yarn for hats and a couple of patterns, but nothing else really spoke to me. I got a lot of excellent ideas and ate some apple crisp, and got to look at the stunning leaves in the Hudson Valley now. Oddly, I didn’t run into anyone I knew outside of the llama barn.

On the needles

Superwash merino worsted dyed by the Capital Region’s own Periwinkle Sheep.


Pac-Man Forever

Check out this gorgeous Pac-Man hat on Etsy. No, I didn’t make it, but it’s so cool that I wish I had.

Llamas in the sunshine

I finally made it to a Fiber Friends Gathering at Wunsapana Farm. Great fun. I can’t wait until it turns into a sweatshop where Teri puts us all to work spinning, knitting, felting, and crocheting her llama fiber for sale.