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Snorgling a mocha

Dear Krups espresso machine,

You were the best $5 I ever spent at Goodwill.

Tea run

I love the Asian grocery store in Albany. There are a few, but my favorite is the one on Colvin. The one that got in trouble for selling live turtles from a threatened species. (Hint: remove the tracking tag from shells before selling turtles for food.) I was out of oolong tea, so my roommate and I stopped in after going to Hannaford.

For about $10.60, I got:

– a box of oolong tea
– a box of peppermint tea
– a metal box of loose green tea (labeled “gunpowder tea”)
– a box of marble Pocky
– a box of chocolate mushrooms
– 300 sticks of terrible quality jasmine incense

The incense was in a tiny religious goods section in the back, hidden under the toothpaste and the gift teapot sets. They carry different kinds of incense, hell money, and other things I can’t easily identify. They have some really hideous Buddha statues, too.

I actually have to head back over the weekend, because my pot for brewing loose tea broke last night. Apparently you can’t put it in the dishwasher. I used to. Boo.

Short and stout

I have a teapot. Well, actually, I already have a teapot, but the other one is an antique that my grandmother gave me, and it’s in the china cabinet at home.

As for this very utilitarian teapot, I got it at the Asian grocery store. It cost $4, and it is made of plastic and glass. The glass is tough–I slipped and dropped it in the sink, and it didn’t shatter.

It has a built-in infuser, but I’m out of loose tea so that doesn’t matter so much. It’s nice to make a pot of tea and drink it as I work.


YAY! Kat and Dave’s wedding today! I put their presents in a box originally belonging to a steel teapot, which I carefully manipulated to say “NOT A TEA KETTLE.” I could have got a more creative present, so I figure the creativity will go into the box and that is that.