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On some level, I blame Kevin Spacey.

Today’s headline: Netflix: We’re Only Doing One Season Of Arrested Development

My reaction:


A fitting tribute

The saddest thing about 30 Rock ending on Thursday wasn’t that it ended.

It wasn’t that I forgot that it began at 8 (which didn’t matter, since I didn’t get out of work until 8 anyway.)



I am somewhat turned off

I went to visit my parents back in July, because I had the week off from work and my parents missed their grandpuppy. There’s a generational split here: I never watch local news. I have a TV, and I watch entirely too much TV while knitting or working, but I don’t watch TV news. It just isn’t interesting to me. But my parents do watch news, and since I’m usually visiting during holidays, I get to see the same holiday/slow news day stories repeat over and over, three times a day. There are worse problems to have.

What I also get to see are godawful local commercials. Oh, the bad animations, the jingles not updated since the ’80s, the business owner’s kids appearing in the ads…they’re the same everywhere. So this sticks out. Apparently it’s been airing for a while, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe they only run it in the summer, so I missed it last year?

It really bothers me. I can’t quite pin down why. The footage is lovely, but the music! And the voiceover by a child for some reason that makes no artistic sense!

Negro y azul

Breaking Bad is back TONIGHT. Cannot wait.

And yes. This video is old (from season 2), but NEVER gets old.