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My (half) day at Rhinebeck

I really love going to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, but I’m usually done after a few hours. Maybe if I were taking a class or in a competition or exhibiting animals, I’d put more time in, but I after I walk all of the vendor halls and pet a few sheep, I’m done.

I picked up some yarn for hats and a couple of patterns, but nothing else really spoke to me. I got a lot of excellent ideas and ate some apple crisp, and got to look at the stunning leaves in the Hudson Valley now. Oddly, I didn’t run into anyone I knew outside of the llama barn.

Take it to the streets. Well, not the streets exactly.

Today, both of my shops are taking part in the protest. I’m going to leave them shut down at least through the weekend, but I feel honored to take part in this largely impotent gesture of seller outrage toward the reseller situation at Etsy.

If you have a burning desire to buy from me, my WePay store and remain open.

On the needles

Superwash merino worsted dyed by the Capital Region’s own Periwinkle Sheep.


Pac-Man Forever

Check out this gorgeous Pac-Man hat on Etsy. No, I didn’t make it, but it’s so cool that I wish I had.