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Cozy little hamster

This little Campbell’s dwarf hamster at the Latham, NY Petsmart looked so chubby and cozy and happy that I just had to get a picture.

Hope you find a good home, little ham.

sleeping Campbell's dwarf hamster

Visual 2010 in Review

I broke my MicroSD card reader, and didn’t get around to buying a new one until now. Here are all of the photos left on my phone from last year. (I post a lot of them here and to Twitpic, too, then delete them.) It’s a little dismaying how many of these pictures are of my dog and of knitting projects, but shouldn’t surprise anyone.)

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Visual Week(s) in Review

Visual Week in Review: Sort of New York Edition

My phone battery died before the actual meetup started, partly because of some entertaining all-day e-mail exchanges. So enjoy random things that I thought needed to have pictures taken of them over the course of the day while I was traveling down to New York, and looking for sweaters.

Don’t ask. I need sweaters.