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Very funny, autocorrect

I think this is racist.


Class war, Tug Hill edition

My family’s all from the northern part of New York State, and my dad and uncles have hunting camps near where they grew up on the Tug Hill Plateau. They’re lovely little camps, but it’s not like they’re a ski chalet in Aspen. I don’t think anyone with a camp around there is exactly “rich.”  People with hunting cabins tend to be middle-class. Especially if it is a literal “cabin.”

Yet a charming eat-the-rich mentality came through online when Dad posted about how our camp was stripped of copper pipes. Previous break-ins have been people in search of beer, but this time they were after scrap metal.

Dad writes:

Of course, the sheriffs are checking, but I put a note about the crime on a local Lowville forum called Topix. The quote above, my title, [“IF YOU CAN AFFORD A SECOND RESIDENCE, YOU CAN AFFORD TO BE ROBBED!!!!”] was one of the more intelligent comments, so you can see what we have to deal with. Just what do you say to a comment like that? I am tempted to add some like comments that might apply to the area…maybe: “If you drive your new pickup drunk, you can afford to have it wrecked.” or perhaps: If you are living on Public Assistance, you cannot afford to have children, even if you are married.”, but hey, what would it gain?

Dad clearly isn’t hanging out on the right parts of the Internet, because I hear people say that last one ALL THE TIME.

Rerun from 2007: it could always be worse

This is a post I wrote more than three years ago. It still stands.

I was chopping the solid ice snowbank around my car before I climbed in through the passenger side (driver’s side was snowed in) when I reminded myself: it could always be worse.

Here’s an old picture of a family friend’s hunting camp from our snowmobile camp rental page:

hunting camp covered with snow

Tugstock '70

Can you imagine a Woodstock-style festival on the rolling pastures of Tug Hill, New York? I guess it makes almost as much sense as Bethel. My dad wrote about it, here.

All told, the windmills turned out to be more profitable and quieter neighbors.