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This is diplomacy

In many places, you can buy a large cookie with half chocolate icing, half vanilla on top. This cookie goes by two names, at least here in New York. Downstate, it is called the black and white cookie. The base is white. Upstate, and notably at Hemstrought’s in Utica, it is called the half moon cookie and the base is chocolate.

I acknowledge the merits of both versions of this treat. I appreciate both, but prefer the proper half moon. I do not appreciate when someone (looking at you, the late P&C Markets) tries to pass off a black-and-white as a half moon.

Here in Albany, we live at the intersection of these two traditions. That’s why the bottom shelf of the case at Bella Napoli in Latham amused me last week when I noticed it.

Yes, a sheet of each type of cookie, coexisting in harmony, but with a respectful distance between them.

I bought a half moon. It was much too cake-like and crumbly, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Visual Week in Review: Sort of New York Edition

My phone battery died before the actual meetup started, partly because of some entertaining all-day e-mail exchanges. So enjoy random things that I thought needed to have pictures taken of them over the course of the day while I was traveling down to New York, and looking for sweaters.

Don’t ask. I need sweaters.

Visual Month in Review

I like my visual week in review posts, but I haven’t done one in a while. So now that I’ve located an SD card reader and finally transferred things over, here are all of my camera phone pictures since mid-September, instead!

Included adventures are dog-sitting, an ill-fated trip to New York City, a night out in Troy, a wedding, a lunch out, a trip to the vet, and some other things I can’t recall.

Making things even more exciting, they’ve somehow ended up completely out of order.

Out of town, again

I spent the whole day away from my computer, and oddly I’m not in the mood to sit at it anymore.

I went to ComicCon in New York. For “professional” reasons, of course. It was fun, although it sucks that my trips down tend to be day trips to attend one-day events (or wait in line in consulates) and then I turn right around without doing much of anything fun except zip through the 5th Avenue Apple store and any random Sephora I come across. And eat paninis, which I can never find in Albany.

I like graphic novels, and I have a weird fixation on action figures, so I wandered around the exhibits hall, went to some sessions so I could pretend I had learned something important, and then attended the special events I had tickets for. (see image above…that’s me in the stripey shirt.)