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Heh heh.

Library -- the original search engine

We have many fine reference books and pamphlets

Oh, there’s nothing else quite like vintage library posters.

RETRO POSTER - Looking for Help?


barack obama in the library

Economic meltdown @ your library

Where do people turn in economic bad times? Their–likely understaffed and underfunded–neighborhood public library, of course.

The changes in filing for unemployment and job applications hadn’t occurred to me. At this time last year, I remember thinking, “oh, yay, I can file for unemployment online!  This is so easy!” as opposed to “I have to file for unemployment online? How does that work?”

I wish I had the free time to volunteer as a technology tutor.  Which, come to think of it, is something I do by default for most of the people in my life anyway, but to set up shop in a computer lab somewhere and help people with whatever it is they want to do.