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The roaming felines of Albany

poop Zoe and I came back from our evening walk to find a handsome tuxedo cat taking a massive dump on our lawn. Many of our neighbors have outdoor or partly-outdoor cats. They roam everywhere and make Zoe really, really angry. I don’t have any strong feelings about them either way, but I don’t like it when they poop on the lawn or steal my dead pets.

Now, I can be fined if someone catches Zoe pooping somewhere and I don’t clean it up. But if I knew whose cat that was, could I report them to the city and they would be fined?

I poked around in the city code, and found plenty of mentions of dogs, but hardly any of cats.  Dogs can’t be off-leash, but cats can roam free and crap toxoplasmosis wherever they want? How is that fair?

Solstice kitteh is napping all day

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To celebrate the solstice: a Daily Show clip show of puppies, kitties, and babies.

Paw Service Announcement

I’ve donated my sidebar ad space for the rest of the month to promote Petfinder’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week. Why? Well, because pets are great. And pets that are past their prime, belong to breeds with bad reputations, or have chronic illnesses or disabilities can bring so much love and happiness to their people that it’s a cause I can get behind.

Maggie, Zoe, and Captain Duvel Moneycat, will be also be happy to explain to you the incredible cuteness of black pets.

Overheard at my house

Me: Zoe likes to chase cats. But she’ll learn her lesson.

AJ: That’s right. Cats have pointy ends.

Me: Five of them.

AJ: Exactly.

Me: You know that if they could, they’d evolve spikes on their tails. Like dinosaurs.

AJ: They’d also want to fly. And shoot fire out of their mouths.