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Cozy little hamster

This little Campbell’s dwarf hamster at the Latham, NY Petsmart looked so chubby and cozy and happy that I just had to get a picture.

Hope you find a good home, little ham.

sleeping Campbell's dwarf hamster

The Zombie Hamster Chronicles, Vol. II

A year and a half ago, my hamster Chester died, was buried in the backyard, and on the third day rose again and disappeared. Which is to say that some animal dug him up to eat him and I found his shroud in the garden. I missed Chester a lot, but laughing about how my neighborhood was sure to be terrorized by zombie hamsters helped me get through it.

And then… I saw this story on Fark.

A FAMILY have rechristened their hamster “Jesus” — after he clawed his way out of a 2ft deep grave to come back from the dead.

The four-year-old pet — buried by dad Dave Eyley after being found “cold and lifeless” in his cage — was spotted scampering around the garden by a neighbour next day.

Shocked Dave, 49, got a call on his mobile from Sandy Humphreys to tell him: “Your hamster has escaped and I’ve just caught him.”

He replied: “It’s impossible — our hamster is dead.” When Dave got home she showed it to him — and it WAS their resurrected rodent.

Carefully targeted marketing

I’m sure that this ad was targeted at pet owners in general, but the appropriateness of a Facebook ad where a bitter, jealous hamster complains about how much attention the dog gets is a little too on the nose. The cold, wet nose.

Incidentally, I found that FiproGuard didn’t last as long as Frontline for Zoe this year, but that may have been a quirk of our ridiculously humid late-summer weather and my putting off getting her a haircut. But not by much, and not enough to offset the savings on a 3-dose supply. (I try to stretch the doses out to at least 2 months during flea weather. I really shouldn’t.)

The hamster should be grateful, anyway. Keeping the dog from bringing fleas into the house and spreading them around is just self-serving. Fleas are a huge inconvenience for dogs and people, but infestations can actually be fatal to little kritters.

The greatest summer job of all

I am wearing my very favorite t-shirt right now. This one.

Oh, hamster shirt, you are so wonderful. You are my favorite of all of my hamster-themed shirts. Yes, I have several. Yes, I know that I am awesome.

I’m waiting for a reprint so I can have a new one that I can wear in public. One without the mysterious bleach mark on the back and coffee stain on the front: because, seriously, why do I spill coffee on everything?