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The roaming felines of Albany

poop Zoe and I came back from our evening walk to find a handsome tuxedo cat taking a massive dump on our lawn. Many of our neighbors have outdoor or partly-outdoor cats. They roam everywhere and make Zoe really, really angry. I don’t have any strong feelings about them either way, but I don’t like it when they poop on the lawn or steal my dead pets.

Now, I can be fined if someone catches Zoe pooping somewhere and I don’t clean it up. But if I knew whose cat that was, could I report them to the city and they would be fined?

I poked around in the city code, and found plenty of mentions of dogs, but hardly any of cats.  Dogs can’t be off-leash, but cats can roam free and crap toxoplasmosis wherever they want? How is that fair?

He's a bitchy little fish.

This is precisely why I keep the Post-its away from Steve’s tank.

Picture?  Oh, fine.

nom nom nom

I thought “Ugly Betty” was making this stuff up. I would, of course, totally try it. If I had a tankful of these instead of silly old useless tropical fish, I could finally put my pets to work.

The COOLEST photo came over AP with this story on Monday; I saw it at work but most news outlets used a cropped picture from the same session. Maybe the women weren’t hot enough for a post about beauty treatments, or some other nonsense. The Boston Globe at least has it online–here’s a low-res version. The detail in the cropped picture works better in print, I guess, especially in black and white, but there’s something I like about the transparent tank and the three women sitting together.



I bought a new fish at the fish store yesterday. His name is Sparky, and he is now missing. I don’t think he ran away, so I’m a bit confused.

This species is very shy, so he’s probably hiding in the hollow rock if he’s still alive. Freckles, the big molly, is REALLY aggressive, but I don’t think Petco will take him back because I think he’s bullying my other fish.

I think Jack likes his promotion to Bedroom Hamster. I relax by playing with and snuggling him before I go to bed.

EDIT: My suspicions were correct, and Sparky died sometime yesterday evening. I’m guessing it was a combination of stress and cold (a steady temperature of 70 degrees did not make him happy). Once I get the heater installed and the aquarium stabilized a little more, I might get another balloon ram. They’re almost as adorable as dwarf puffers.