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Historical Dogs: On Strike in Utica

Polish strikers at N.Y. Mills, Utica (LOC)

I love this photo for so many reasons. It dates back to when there were still things manufactured in the United States. In upstate New York. In Utica. And as these hard-working knitting mill workers went on strike, a dog happened to walk by.

This is diplomacy

In many places, you can buy a large cookie with half chocolate icing, half vanilla on top. This cookie goes by two names, at least here in New York. Downstate, it is called the black and white cookie. The base is white. Upstate, and notably at Hemstrought’s in Utica, it is called the half moon cookie and the base is chocolate.

I acknowledge the merits of both versions of this treat. I appreciate both, but prefer the proper half moon. I do not appreciate when someone (looking at you, the late P&C Markets) tries to pass off a black-and-white as a half moon.

Here in Albany, we live at the intersection of these two traditions. That’s why the bottom shelf of the case at Bella Napoli in Latham amused me last week when I noticed it.

Yes, a sheet of each type of cookie, coexisting in harmony, but with a respectful distance between them.

I bought a half moon. It was much too cake-like and crumbly, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Last of the tax-powered trains

My Dad is back, and commenting on the high speed rail proposal and the current state of Amtrak. He took a train from Albany to Syracuse after bringing my new car to me, and loved it. Mostly because he had more or less a private train car.

I'm not gonna badmouth, but I'm gonna badmouth.

Okay. This might require a little background if you’re not familiar with the Forever Leather Man.

Forever Leather is a locally owned store at Sangertown Square mall in New Hartford (near Utica) NY. They may also have a location at Riverside mall; I don’t live there anymore and I don’t really care.

It sells, logically, things made of leather. Their commercials are obnoxious, but I secretly miss them. After I finished college and moved back to Syracuse, the ads followed me there. It’s sort of like Billy Fuccillo, but worse because they…buy late-night infomercial time. He used to have the slot right after Saturday Night Live.

Usually the show consists of showing off the goods in the store. This time…not so much.