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A trip to the baby store

I went to Buy Buy Baby last week for some reason. I don’t remember exactly what that reason was: maybe I wanted to price out baby socks. Once inside, I found things that intrigued and confused me.

Gotta start the misandry training early. Joking about unrealistically low expectations for dads is a great place to start. Ha ha! Men don’t understand where poop comes out!

I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this product somewhere else, intended for use on a different species.

I would attach one of these holders to my toddler leash.

Historical Dogs: Hoboken Beggar’s Puppy and the Best Day Ever


This photo was taken by Bain News Service in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1910.

I was watching the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, and they showed Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis. They’re super cute, and were following her around just like Maggie and Zoe would with me. That’s when an insight occurred to me that I hadn’t ever thought of before:

Dogs don’t care who you are.

It’s because we genetically engineered them that way, I know. Back in the murky history of when humans and dogs got together, we rewarded loyalty and devotion with perks like “treats” and “not getting killed.” That’s why I get involved in animal rescue: we created dogs to be our unconditional best friends. We ought to return the favor.
But dogs don’t care whether you’re a reigning monarch or you’re homeless. They think you’re pretty awesome, and will stick with you. It was back during the Olympics that I thought of the “queen/homeless person” comparison.

Look at this photo, though. Puppy and man, taken around 1910, now on file at the Library of Congress. They’re both long dead now, but for that moment, they were staying warm and keeping each other company. The puppy has a doggy “smile” in the top photo.

Hey, he’s out in the fresh air, watching people go by, sitting by his master’s side. What else could a dog want?┬áHe has a little tin cup around his neck–maybe his job was to do tricks for passersby and beg them for coins. Most dogs love meeting strangers and extending a paw to them. Best day ever.

People get all caught up in status and money and belongings and our position in society. For a dog, any day where you have a person to call your own, a warm place to sleep, and a full stomach is the best day ever. Even if the next day is a terrible one.

Beggar, Hoboken (LOC)

Historical Dogs: Coney Island, 1915

Coney Isl., 1/3/15 (LOC)

Who says people vacationing with their dogs is a modern affectation? I love this photo.

Cozy little hamster

This little Campbell’s dwarf hamster at the Latham, NY Petsmart looked so chubby and cozy and happy that I just had to get a picture.

Hope you find a good home, little ham.

sleeping Campbell's dwarf hamster