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Free range grass-fed Irish Setters

Every time I look at this bag, I think that it’s the dogs that are free-range and grass-fed.


Time for some cheerful dog news.

I kept seeing this ad while catching up on episodes of “Parks and Recreation.” I never got tired of it, since it’s delightfully close to home.

Natalie Morales – Pet Adoption PSA from MultiVu Video on Vimeo.

All of this has happened before

The good news: there was an arrest in the Kiya/Puppy Doe case in Massachusetts.

The bad news, and why I’m not linking to a story: every story on this subject will show a photo of that scarred, mutilated, emaciated puppy, and it will upset me. It would be one thing if she survived. She didn’t. They put her down not long after that photo was taken. it’s one thing to look at pictures of a scarred, starving, sad dog when there’s a happy ending.

The happiest ending is maybe that the person who beat her serves some time in prison,  and animal advocates work to get stronger animal cruelty laws passed in her name. It won’t stop this from happening again and again.

I just wish they didn’t show that picture on every article about her. It won’t get the attention of someone who doesn’t care, but upsets me a lot.

More alike than I thought

IMG_1082Hiking this weekend, I had an insight about myself and my pet. Zoe is very friendly and extroverted, and I usually think of us as opposites. I actually met her at an adoption clinic when I was there to visit a very shy and reserved dog who I thought would make a good match for me.

I’m shy and have a hard time interacting with and getting to know new people, but I bond and interact very easily with dogs. Zoe has a special ability to charm people and is not at all shy, but snarls and snaps at unfamiliar dogs when she first meets them if she’s leashed.

We’re both fine with our own species when we have an opportunity to get to know new people/dogs.