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CONSUMERIST – author page

Between March 2009 and November 2017, I wrote more than ten thousand articles for Consumerist, a consumer news and advocacy site owned by Consumer Reports. I screened our overflowing email box of tips, developed an innate sense of what stories would go viral, and lovingly handcrafted at least a dozen Tweets to promote the site’s content each day of the week.

I specialized in coverage of retail trends, store closings, retail bankruptcies (notably RadioShack, Payless, and Gander Mountain), unexpected snack foods, the Grocery Shrink Ray, food safety, and the slow-motion demise of Sears Holdings Corporation.

I began the recurring series “Garden of Discontent,” featuring disappointing floral arrangements, in 2010, and “Raiders of the Lost Walmart,” featuring obsolete electronics at inappropriate prices, in 2012.

My best work:
Why Is There A Kmart In Minneapolis That Blocks An Entire Street? (archived) – June 21, 2017
18 Fascinating Items From RadioShack’s Corporate Memorabilia Auction – June 2, 2017
Where Did The Target Prescription Bottles Everyone Loves So Much Come From, Anyway? (archived) – August 24, 2016
Customers: CVS Takeover Erased Everything Good About Target Pharmacies (archived) – August 23, 2016
5 Strange Things We Learned About Sudden Closures Of Old Country And HomeTown Buffets (archived) – March 15, 2016
Yes, There Really Is A Dentist’s Office In A Kmart In Miami (archived) – February 26, 2016
United Passenger Leaves iPad On Plane, Has Joyful Reunion With Airline’s Help (archived) – January 11, 2016
The Grocery Shrink Ray: Quietly Stealing Our Food For Decades (archived) – October 8, 2014
Help, The Price Of My Life-Saving Drug Went Up 2000%! (archived) – April 1, 2011
Kmart Posts Amazing Coupon On Internet, Then Forgets Internet Exists (archived) – March 20, 2010
8 Ways To Make Sure Your Complaint Letter Will Be Ignored – February 3, 2010
AT&T Customer Service: “New York City Is Not Ready For The iPhone” – December 27, 2009
Wells Fargo Keeps Hanging Up On Your Deaf Grandmother – June 16, 2009



End of a state authority leads to layoffs, labor boycott of state fair – 7/6/10
Task Force: Why so much overtime, fancy houses at OMRDD? – 6/9/10
Study: Public employees better-educated, more skilled, earn less – 4/29/10

ALL OVER ALBANY – author page


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